Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

VW Action..

well, we made it!
The last time Project Super 90 was driven/running was way back in 1981, yet after some intensive tinkering (and a little luck..!), we managed to get it slammed, running and moving under its own steam just hours before leaving for VW Action!

We had a lot of fun cruising around the site, but the icing on the cake must surely be the 'spirit of VW Action' trophy, which made all the blood, sweat and tears (and late nights..) so worthwhile!!

more pics and video coming very soon, but for now we're just kicking back and relaxing after an awesome weekend. oh, and 'thank you' to all those that dropped by the campsite to check it out, too - Your comments and enthusiasm were well received!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ground zero..

well, after much blood, sweat and swearing (!) the rear end is now suitably slammed, and just in time for VW Action!
Check it out if you make it along - we're not 'trading' in the usual sense, but will be there with the Audi enjoying the racing and the show!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

front end goes down..

the beauty of an adjustable torsion bar set-up!

it was a little lower to start with, however the exhaust was literally rubbing the floor so we raised it a little.. can't wait to get the back down to match now...

time for tinkering!

before running the car, the fuel tank was removed and flushed...
  more on the mechanical mayhem in an upcoming issue of Ultra VW magazine!

here's a bit of a suspension teaser for you though.. yes, the front end is adjusted via these lever arms beneath the front seats! Longitudinal torsion bar system is not dissimilar to the VW T4 in design

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Here it is, the first picture of project Super 90!

And so the project begins... This very rare, 1 previous owner Audi is the new Kustom Dubwerks / Ultra VW Magazine project ride. Stay tuned for progress updates very soon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

getting there..

the air-lift kit is working fine now. the shot above shows the car at full lift (120psi)

 and this is the car at -running height' (75psi). now we can dump the air when we switch off and slam it! then, when we start the car, the compressor kicks in automatically and runs to 75psi, where the cutout switch stops inflation. that auto-lifts the car approx 2-ins - our basic running height. the gauge under the dash can then be adjusted to manually increase pressure to give a full 6-inch lift, and of course, full drop when required, too. incidentally, it will drive at full-drop... just in case we blow a pipe at any point! full details in an upcoming issue of Ultra VW, but thanks to www.air-lift.co.uk for their help with the controller kit and compressor.

we're happy with the stance now...

new seats and carpets from newton commercial

we were blown away by the quality of the Newton Commercial interior kit. The seat covers fit really well and with some fresh padding, they're ultra comfy, too! Check out the fit of the carpet set, too - finally the Bug is treated to a bit of interior luxury!

adding some bling..

 an ebay bargain!

awesome new 70s-style raised letter plates care of the great guys at www.pl8s.co.uk

Sunday, 20 February 2011

wheels and tyres

another bargain! we started with a set of replica chromed Fuchs (4.5-in front and 5.5-in rear), which we then masked, primed and detailed in gloss black, then added a pair of EBay-bargain 185/70 tyres (£10!) for the rear (white lettering pen cost £3!) and a pair of new 135R15s for the front. They're fitted via adapters at the moment, but we may fit drilled hubs at a later date..

Saturday, 19 February 2011

constructing the 4.5-inch narrowed beam and air-lift shocks...

extended shock towers allow the car to drop further. air shocks lift 6-inches! that means we can get over any speed hump...!
full details of the www.air-lift.co.uk load controller kit to follow (and in print, too!)

more slammage..

then the rear end was dropped by an inner spline. note, this is a semi-auto, hence the rear end is IRS - cool!

in the workshop...

we dropped the bug in at www.kustomdubwerks.co.uk for some suspension surgery. front end was fitted with drop-spindles and the front tyres swapped for a pair of smart car 135/70 'slam' tyres

engine overhaul

after a little tinkering and a proper service, the original 1500 single port motor fired up and ran really nice! however, we had to pull the motor to fix a few oil leaks as this bug was certainly marking its spot..
note the flex plate (not a flywheel!) - we also checked over the semi-auto system and everything seemed fine, which was nice to know.

number plate overhaul

our original number plates would never pass an mot, so we had to give them a quick overhaul... do you like the 'machine-turned' look? lol we'll have to replace them in due course, but for now they'll work just fine

the initial purchase...

here's how it looked when we picked it up... a non-running 1968 semi-automatic bug!