Friday, 4 March 2011

getting there..

the air-lift kit is working fine now. the shot above shows the car at full lift (120psi)

 and this is the car at -running height' (75psi). now we can dump the air when we switch off and slam it! then, when we start the car, the compressor kicks in automatically and runs to 75psi, where the cutout switch stops inflation. that auto-lifts the car approx 2-ins - our basic running height. the gauge under the dash can then be adjusted to manually increase pressure to give a full 6-inch lift, and of course, full drop when required, too. incidentally, it will drive at full-drop... just in case we blow a pipe at any point! full details in an upcoming issue of Ultra VW, but thanks to for their help with the controller kit and compressor.

we're happy with the stance now...

new seats and carpets from newton commercial

we were blown away by the quality of the Newton Commercial interior kit. The seat covers fit really well and with some fresh padding, they're ultra comfy, too! Check out the fit of the carpet set, too - finally the Bug is treated to a bit of interior luxury!

adding some bling..

 an ebay bargain!

awesome new 70s-style raised letter plates care of the great guys at